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Classic Overdrive Pedal with Germanium Transistor, Bias, Volts, and Gain Knobs, and Heavy-duty Metal Housing $77.50. Or $13/month ...

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The gain (Hfe) and leakage current inconsistency of the germanium transistors (the sound signature of this pedal) and the lack of ability/will to use the right components could make a huge impact on the tonal heart. The circuit layout in a pedal with a huge gain like this is critical and the component selection will leave its footprint on the ...

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FidgetKute Vintage Fuzz DIY Guitar Pedal Kit Germanium AC128 Transistors 1590B Pre-Drilled. More Buying Choices $67.93 (1 new offer) Tortuga Effects ABD CL Classic Series Abduction Dual Germanium Overdrive Pedal. $219.00 $ 219. 00. FREE Shipping. Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

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Dec 17, 2017· My Germanium Transistor "Encyclopedia" DIY Guitar Pedals. ... Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Fuzz Pedal Comparison - Duration: ... Russian Germanium Transistors In …

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Jul 27, 2018· Many effect pedal manufacturers have also started to release fuzz pedals that once again make use of germanium transistors. To get the germanium fuzz sound in an effect pedal today you can check out the Havalina, 69 mkII, and Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz. The problems with germanium transistors are many.

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This is a Yellowcake "Your Mom" fuzz pedal, great sounding hybrid fuzz. TheYellowcake Your Mom is a germanium/silicon transistor hybrid fuzz pedal from Yellowcake pedals. possibilities ranging from a ...

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Fuzz electric guitar pedals are usually available in one of two variations of transistors - silicon transistors and germanium transistors. Though both types of transistors are popularly used in fuzz pedals to improve the quality of sound but germanium transistors are considered better than silicon transistors due to various reasons discussed in brief here under.

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Jan 07, 2013· Germanium Transistor Guide For Fuzz Pedals - Part 1 1. Introduction 0:12 2. The Importance of hfe 0:57 3. Transistor Frequency Response 2:00 4. Collector Current vs hfe 3:19 5. How much to pay 7:43.

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Dec 10, 2017· I have a Menatone Simplexity which is a germanium preamp which is very nice for adding a bit of germanium grit while keeping the EQ fairly true (unlike a Treble Boost circuit). There are a fair number of germanium overdrives out there if you do web search. I would look for one with germanium transistors as opposed to germanium diode clipping.

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Germanium technology specifically tuned for guitar Feedback control lets you dial in the tone you crave. Time-tested Germanium sound built for the stage. Equipped with genuine germanium-transistor-based Drive and Feedback circuits, the Germanium Drive guitar pedal lets you dial in …

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What is the Best Fuzz Pedal – In Detail Germanium vs Silicon Description. By Screamin' Seth W, Ph.D. The fuzz pedal is surrounded in mystique and legend, from specially selected pedals for Hendrix to expensive, no longer stocked transistors originally made in the 60s.So what is the best fuzz pedal?

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Aug 13, 2013· All the germanium transistors I have tested, some NOS from my parts stash, and some bought as 'suitable for building a Fuzz Face' have huge levels of leakage. I do wonder whether the majority of germanium transistors when new also had these levels of leakage, or whether any surviving unused NOS germaniums have become more leaky over the years.

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Recently, some brands started producing hybrid fuzz pedals that combined the consistency of silicon transistors and used them to drive secondary germanium transistors. This type of pedal still has some ways to go in terms of ironing out the wrinkles, but the concept definitely sounds promising.

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Jan 05, 2014· Germanium Boost Pedals! Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings ... and I love it. I also have the EHX Germanium OD, also a great pedal. I don't even use the bias or volt knobs though. ... It's described as a "fuzz-boost" with 2 Germanium transistors and tonnes of output volume. Runs on battery only though.

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Jun 08, 2016· Fuzz Face Germanium To an untrained ear, the differences between germanium vs silicon fuzz may seem minute. However, the two kinds of transistors produce a really different tone from one another. Traditionally, fuzz pedals used germanium transistors. This is because silicon is a more recently found element. Germanium transistors have been described as more vintage […]

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Jan 31, 2019· This is why today, I would like to introduce you to my old buddy, the AC128 germanium transistor, exclusively used in my handmade Mercer Box and KATAPULT pedals . Besides being in the famous original Fuzz Face, the AC128 was used in numerous domestic electronic appliance, and certainly one of the most common European transistor.


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The gain (Hfe) and leakage current inconsistency of the germanium transistors (the sound signature of this pedal) and the lack of ability/will to use the right components could make a huge impact on the tonal heart. The circuit layout in a pedal with a huge gain like this is critical and the component selection will leave its footprint on the ...

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Keeley Electronics has introduced the Fuzz Bender, a three-transistor pedal that utilizes a combination of high-gain silicon and silky smooth germanium to produce wild fuzz tones. The Fuzz Bender boasts a two-band active EQ (bass and treble) that utilizes two gyrators and offers over 20dB of boost/cut at 100Hz and 10KHz.

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The pedal produces very desirable fuzz tones with all the nuances that germanium transistors are known for. The circuit interacts very well with the guitar's volume pot, and goes from a cleanish tone (depending on the selected transistors) to full blown disctortion just by working your guitar volume.

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ammoon AROMA AGF-5 Classic Germanium Transistor Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal Aluminum Alloy Body True Bypass. $33.00 $ 33. 00. FREE Shipping. Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz Traditional Rich,Aluminium-alloy Classic Effects Pedal. 4.2 out of 5 stars 172. $29.99 $ 29. 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Apr 10.

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They should be germanium if you want to get the classic 60's/70's "soft" distortion. Silicon has been used, and many people like the harsher clipping, but it is a different sound. Among germanium transistors, many type numbers (see the list below) are possible candidates for FF circuits and clones.

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Apr 02, 2011· I have been doing a lot of reading on the transistors that were used in the Vintage Fuzz pedals. I was wondering what are some of your favorite NPN Silicon transistors, for those of you that build FUZZ pedals? I am also researching a lot of the old PNP Germanium transistors as well.

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(You can find NPN, i.e., negative-ground, germanium transistors, but they're rarer and more expensive, and don't sound any better than the PNP ones. If a) you dig the germanium sound, and b) might want to build more germanium-powered pedals in the future, I recommend getting into the PNP habit.

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Building your own pedal is a surefire way to not only have fun, satisfaction, and learn a thing or two, but also tweak your tone to YOUR liking, instead of relying on mass-produced pedals. Germanium transistors continued to be produced into the 1990s (and some still are today) However, the process of producing NPN Ge transistors has so far ...

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Handpicked germanium transistors for solid fuzz tone: Germanium fuzz pedals are highly sought after because they sound better if the transistors which cause the fuzz effect have very specific properties. For the 1948, each germanium transistor is measured one at a time and the best ones are used in a fuzz face style circuit.

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Vintage-sounding germanium Fuzz pedal, a legendary sound that helped shape a generation! There are many variables that determine the quality, sound and clean-ability of a Germanium Fuzz pedal. We find transistor choice to be crucial, therefore we have searched and found the best (and extremely rare) germanium transistors made: the discontinued CV7003, military-spec OC44 germanium transistors.

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Sep 11, 2013· Germanium vs. Silicon Transistors. September 11, 2013; Overdrive/Distortion, Technical; One facet of the design process here at Keeley Electronics comes down to selecting not just the highest quality components for use in our pedals, but … | Germanium OD - Overdrive | Electro-Harmonix

May 02, 2013· Classic '60s Germanium transistor overdrive and more. In addition to a Gain control, the Electro-Harmonix Germanium OD allows the user to control Bias for attack and the circuit Volts for that sweet spot found when a battery's voltage dips. Dial up that slightly torn speaker sound OR dial in total ...

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The development of the germanium transistor in 1948 opened the door to countless applications of solid state electronics. From 1950 through the early 1970s, this area provided an increasing market for germanium, but then high-purity silicon began replacing germanium in transistors…

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What is a germanium transistor? The common transistor types used in guitar pedals are silicon and germanium. Most germanium transistor production ceased in the 1970s in favor of silicon which are more stable, consistent, have higher gain, and lower leakage.